2nd Batt. Scots Guards at Jabbeke - 8 October 1914

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Bob Grundy of the Great War Forum was so kind to mail me a photo of the 2nd Batt. of the Scots Guards leaving my home town Jabbeke on the 8th of October 1914. Of course this made me curious to the story behind it ! A Scottish unit in my home town how good could it get ?

Andy Pay, another forum member did get me the following :

2nd Scots Guards War Diary for this time reads:


Landed at Zeebrugge about 6am, by train to Bruges, arrived about 11am and marched to Varssenere. The Battalion took up an outpost position LF & RF. The object of landing the 7th Division at Zeebrugge was to assist the Belgium Army to withdraw from Antwerp which was at that time being very heavily bombarded and very hard pressed.


The Battalion marched to Ostend about 14 miles and billeted at Steene which is a small village outside Ostend. A German Taube aeroplane was flying over the harbour. The 3rd Cavalry Division reported to be landing at Ostend and the 20th Brigade was sent to cover their landing. The Taube was chased by an English aeroplane.


Left our billets at 6am and marched into Ostend where we entrained for Ghent about 7.30am. Two days rations were carried on the men accompanied by P/Line Transport. The town was crowded by wounded Belgians who had come from Antwerp. Antwerp was reported to have fallen. On arrival at Ghent at 11am the Battalion marched to a place in the town where it bivouacked and where the remainder of the Brigade joined later in the day. Orders were received in the afternoon to march and take up an outpost line to cover the retirement of Belgian troops which were returning after being in action for some weeks continously. They appeared to have had enough fighting. Ghent was full of German spies. The people seemed pleased to see the British troops. The outpost line taken up was as follows, Border Regiment on the right, 2nd Scots Guards in centre & 1st Grenadier Guards on the left. Gordon Highlanders in Reserve on the railway embankment, unsupported by any artillery.

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