The Passchendaele Tartan

passchendaele tartan

The design was made by Erwin and Mia Ureel. Erwin is the driving force behind the memorial, the fabulous Scottish weekend.

A quote from Erwin on the Great War Forum :

Main colors:

darkish red for the blood
brown for the mud


green: reviving landscape after the war, hope
brighter red: poppies
black: mourning, but also one of the colors of the Flanders & Belgian flags
yellow: color of Flanders & Belgian Flags
the third color of both flags is bright red again

(Flemish flag is a black lion on yellow (gold) field with red nails and tongue, Belgian flag is a tricolor with the same colors)

The tartan is registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority who where extremely helpful in developing the tartan

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